Why automotive sectors depends on dry ice cleaning services?

Dry Ice Cleaning is moderately an improved and advanced cleaning method that includes usage of solid CO2 pellets (which is also known as dry ice). These pellets sublimate the impact with the surface that is supposed to clean the pellets convert directly from a solid to a vaporized form leaving a clean and dry surface with almost no sign residue. This method is well capable of cleaning machinery such as automotive chain gear, foundry areas, HRSG, turbines, substations, tyre moulds, stators, fire and smoke remediation and much more. Almost every automotive sector now-a-days depends on dry ice cleaning as it efficiently cleans moulds hot and in-place. If equated to cooling the moulds, and removing them from the press and getting them cleaned in a remote location, Dry Ice Cleaning will result significantly in a much greater productivity.

Dry Ice Cleaning in Automotive Sectors

If we observe the present scenario, the dry ice cleaning is quickly becoming an ideal choice for environmental as well as production reasons. Due to tremendous environmental rules and regulations, industries needs to minimize the wastes. Also, there can be seen a rising consciousness that many are engaging on the global environmental impact of their manufactural practices.

However, these benefits are getting highlighted because of tremendous performance improvements through dry ice cleaning – a little or almost no production downtime, quality of clean and minimized damaged to machinery equipment.

Dry Ice Cleaning is completely safe in removing a wide variety of unwanted residues on various types of production machinery such as molds, food processing equipment, printing and packaging machinery, cabling and electrical switch-gear and many more industrial equipment. It will not produce any kind of environment in which any bacterial growth can occur and will also reduce microbial counts.

Does it Demands Maintenance on a Regular basis?

Investing in Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry Ice Cleaning has got you saved from investing huge amount of money on industrial cleaning as well because it requires very minimal maintenance.

You just need to track the oil levels which should be maintained and keep checking the machine for any crack, scratches and worn parts, by applying such measure you can deal with any problem you may lead to face rapidly and inexpensively.

Take a look on the filters if they are working in order and a suggested 12-month service will make your machines completely trouble-free.

Why Dry Ice Cleaning Should be Preferred by the Industries?

Dry Ice Cleaning can help you in saving time and money invested in cleaning that lands up giving a boost to your productivity.

It effectively cleans the industrial surface without etching or eroding surfaces that might have been observed when using methods like sand or grit blasting.

Dry Ice Cleaning leaves a high-quality finish that is unbeatable against any other cleaning method we probably have, moreover you get this super-cleaned result without generating any secondary waste and decreases your exposure to corrosive and conductive products.

Why Dry Ice Cleaning over other industrial cleaning methods:

Dry Ice Industrial Cleaning Methods

  • No waste disposal left
  • Non-toxic method of cleaning
  • No water wastage
  • Environmentally safe
  • No or minimal down time.
  • Cleaning of equipment on site
  • No harmful ingredients used
  • More thorough cleaning ability
  • No abrasion
  • Better cleaning results
  • No chemicals used
  • No blasting media

Does it Cause Any Damages?

The process used by Polar Blast are highly efficient and non-abrasive and leaves no residual marking on most substrates. Our team understands and respects your property and we strive to provide you the best results from our end. We focus on your requirements and suggests what’s best for your business.

To find out more about dry ice cleaning services provided by Polar Blast, contact us on 0800 254 5024. Our highly talented team of cleaning contractors will provide you with fully insured industrial cleaning services. Let us get you sterilize surfaces for you for better work environment.