Dry Ice Cleaning For The Food Processing Sector & Equipment

When you are from Dry Ice Cleaning for Food Industry UK, cleanliness is a prime concern. Removing the residues like grease, carbon, food and various other contaminants has to be done with the strict legislation of sanitization in mind. Particular process has to be kept in mind while ensuring that all the areas and equipment used for food preparation is kept hygienic and sanitized. Dry ice blasting for cleaning food processing equipment is the best way as it is extremely effective.

Our Dry ice blasting for the food processing equipment and machinery can frequently solve many of the problems without using any harmful chemicals. It is extremely effective, quick, cost effective and environmentally friendly as well as an approved method by the Food Standard Authority (FSA).

As compared to using conventional cleaning methods, these machineries have been shown to effectively decontaminate surfaces of Salmonella enteritidis, Escherichia coli, and Listeria monocytogene.

Dry ice cleaning sprays dry ice (CO2) pellets at a high pressure on to surfaces such as stainless steel, ceramic tiles, and food grade plastics and plastic surface coatings. Upon impact, the dry ice freezes the contaminants and leaves them to be easily wiped away, leaving no secondary waste and little clean up.

Due to the swiftness of the whole process, there is less downtime to clean the equipment – speeding up production and saving you money.