Fire Damage Cleaning

Dry Ice Cleaning For Fire & Smoke Damage

Dry ice blasting by Polar Blast is the most preferred solution for fire damage cleaning. Dry ice cleaning is the most recommended method for fire damage restoration. Other traditional techniques such as sanding and scraping are least preferred as they are much more time-consuming and tedious to perform. The dry ice cleaning method is used mainly for fire damage restoration due to its reliable properties. It is safe, performs complete cleaning, and eliminates odor caused by fire or smoke.

The product is designed very carefully to remove carbon and soot effectively. Also, it has the property to remove the unpleasant odor of the smoke and fire. Restoration UK is a well-known company for fire damage restoration in the UK, and the average fire damage restoration cost in the UK ranges up to £35,700. Other fire damage restoration services in the UK are provided by Restoration (UK) Limited- Fire and Flood Damage, North London Fire Flood Restoration, Tempest Restoration, etc. In India, fire damage restoration services are provided by EPSCO.