Dry Ice Blasting Wood

Dry Ice Cleaning Of Hardwoods

Polar blast is highly recommended for dry ice cleaning of Hardwoods. Dry blasting is majorly used for cleaning hardwood. Previously, the beams were painted black or left untreated, making them very dark and almost dull looking. This gradually led to timber destruction. Removal of paint could be accomplished by using certain chemicals or sandblasting. Since sandblasting is very time-consuming and very messy and takes out the wood's top artwork, it is the least preferred. Also, chemicals can impart harmful effects on the hardwood.

These two methods are also health hazardous for the operators as well as considered as messy. The most preferred method is dry ice blasting wood cleaning products by Polar Blast to get rid of such problems. This is the best way to clean the hardwood. This is highly safe to use as well as much less messy than the upper two methods.

This works gently on the wood timber and also adjustable according to the operator choice. This is significantly a time saver and has highly proven work efficiency. Also, its property of no secondary waste production is another boon. Dry Ice beam cleaning is very much beneficial to oak cleaning as it causes no damage to the surface of the wood and does not leave any cleaning residue. Beams are cleaned thoroughly with all the dirt removed from any shakes, checks and, slits (splits) in the timber. Dry ice beam cleaning cost is usually around £3.50 per square foot in the UK.