Dry Ice Cleaning For Automotive Sector

The Polar Blast automotive dry ice blast cleaning is beneficial in reducing cleaning and workforce. Its gentle working is highly effective and fast-paced. It is well equipped for cleaning excess grease, sludge, sealant, and weld slag from the machines. It aggressively cleans difficult areas along with sensitive areas to clean delicate equipment. Our dry ice blasting process is exceptionally designed with customer productivity and efficiency in mind. This product has an extraordinary capacity to clean hard-to-reach areas and provide a dry and prepared surface ready for re-coating.

It is readily helpful in automotive cleaning common issues such as paint removal, engine cleaning, preparation for a respray, corrosion removal and wheel cleaning.
The product is exceptionally designed to reduce excessive costs and time involved with labor-intensive conventional cleaning, giving a beneficial amount of productivity in return on investment. Our product’s significant notable benefits are automotive sandblasting cleaning, dustless blasting, safe contractor accreditation, excellent construction, efficient and non-stop working. This has dramatically helped operators for cleaning in heated conditions.