Essential qualities you need to look into any Dry Ice Blast Cleaning services

As we all know that industrial cleaning is quite different from other cleaning services. Due to the use of hazardous chemicals and high-intensity machines, the accumulation of harsh dust particles over the machines makes it difficult to clean easily. This is when the dry ice blast cleaning services come into action. In this method, the air is compressed between 80-90 PSI using high velocity to blast dry ice pellets, which further cleans a variety of surfaces. 


How dry ice blast cleaning services work?

When small dry ice particles are subjected to air compression at a high speed, the conversion of solid to gaseous state breaks the contaminated particles and blows them away from the surface. The surface of metals from which contaminants are blown away does not get affected at all with the dry ice blast because there is always a cushion of gas present between the dry ice and substitute. The main factors that determine the dry ice cleaning efficiency are the size and pellet speed in the area of impact. 


Essential Qualities of dry ice cleaning

Quick Turn around

With the help of dry ice blast cleaning services, the equipment can be cleaned in any state whether they are hot or cold. This saves a lot of time and does not even require many people for this method of cleaning the surfaces. Deep cleaning which usually requires days can be done in no time with the help of dry ice blast cleaning. 


No use of chemicals

If we use any cleaning methodology, the use of chemicals is a must. However, in the case of dry ice cleaning no chemicals or solvents are needed for the cleaning part. 


No need for waste disposal

This method involves no wastage at all. After the entire process of cleaning, there is no residue left, which saves your time and effort to dispose of the waste. 


Act as a sanitizer

Since dry ice cleaning is a non-toxic process. Thus the food industry uses this method of cleaning to deep clean their machines. Also, because dry ice pellets used in cleaning are frozen to -79 degrees, which is an extreme temperature. This temperature easily stops the growth of harmful bacteria thereby killing Salmonella, e-coli, etc. 


The completely dry method of cleaning

Since dry ice blast cleaning is a completely dry method of cleaning. Thus, even when you clean the electrical equipment with the help of this methodology, it is completely safe. This is because the solid converts to a gaseous state skipping the liquid state, which is why this method of cleaning is completely safe. 


Durable Cleaning 

The places which are difficult to clean even those get cleaned up easily with the method of dry ice cleaning. Also, it is even better than the cleaning that is done with the help of hands and pads.  


So, in every industry, the cleaning service that should be adopted is the dry ice cleaning service. This is going to save time along with providing a superior cleaning of the machines and surfaces. 

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