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We use non-toxic and safe products while providing you dry ice blast cleaning services.

Do you have spray foam in your attic or garage?

Are you trying to sell a property?

Are you trying to re-mortgage?

Spray Foam Removal Solutions offer a quick and effective service to remove spray foam insulation from loft spaces to an acceptable level for mortgage lenders, in order to for them to assess the condition of the roof and the roof timbers.Spray Foam Removal Solutions use the process of dry ice blasting to remove the spray foam insulation from the roof tiles and timbers. The method of dry ice blasting to remove spray foam removal leaves no secondary waste, removes foam without causing pitting or harm to any fixed tiles. Dry ice blasting removes contaminants by thermal shock, removing spray foam insulation in large chunks rather than traditional way of scraping. Using the method of dry ice blasting to remove spray foam insulation saves 80 percent on time and removes more foam than any other method.

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Polarblast is the family run business since 2013. Our dry ice blasting innovative technology provides cleaning solutions for industrial and domestic environments in Uk. Non-abrasive CO2 (dry ice) blasting is an environmentally safe and cost-effective cleaning technology that saves invaluable down time and additional labour cost. Polarblast is the reputed platform that provides blast cleaning services within all UK. We are dedicated to delivering you exceptional blast cleaning services at affordable prices. We have a team of experts to serve you dry ice blast cleaning services at your convenience. Our services are environmentally friendly and safe. We use non-toxic and safe products while providing you dry ice blast cleaning services. Our entire team looks for the opportunities to serve your blast cleaning concerns in a seamless manner. You don’t actually have to feel panic when it comes to dry blasting cleaning, as we are available 24/7 to address your concerns.



We are capable of getting rid of wide range of coatings as we are certified ice cleaning service in UK. You can also call us if you are in search of dry ice cleaning service in Birmingham.We have highly talented Dry Ice blasting cleaning contractors who are completely qualified and fully insured. Let us help you to clean and sterilize the surfaces for you.
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We ensure you will get the core environmental benefits of our mobile dry ice blasting services. We are don’t use chemicals and provide environmentally friendly blast cleaning services. Our services are faster, safer, and more efficient than other cleaning methods. This is why we always strive to deliver you the best in the industry. If you are looking to improve your internal maintenance processes, use our dry blast cleaning services. This way you can reduce waste and increase efficiency with our quality-oriented services.

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Dry ice blasting- cleaning or CO2 cleaning is where dry ice is accelerated through a hose with pressurized air and aimed at surface to clean. Dry ice blasting equipment propels the pellets at extremely high speed. Upon impact, the pellets sublimates, transferring at minimal kinetic energy to the surface of substrate on impact producing minimal abrasion. The sublimation process causes a micro-thermal shock between the surface contaminate and the substrate. The substrate which is warmer, causes the dry ice to convert back into a harmless CO2.The gas expands of the original pellet and the surface contaminate is lifted by Co2 from behind falling away from the surface. The only clean up that remains whit our highly effective dry ice cleaning solution is the contaminate. Dry ice blasting cleaning dose not a create secondary waist or chemical residues.Dry ice blasting is nonabrasive,non-conductive,nonflammable and non-toxic process.



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