Fire Damage Cleaning

Dry Ice Blast Blasting

Dry ice blast service emphasizes cleaning of the surface by propelling dry ice pallets with supersonic speed. Dry ice blasting is considered a form of carbon dioxide cleaning, where the dry ice is sold to the state of carbon. As plastic and rubber usage is increasing day by day in almost every aspect of life, the scope of dry blasting cleaning the molds used in rubber and plastic is growing along. The dry ice cleaning plastic rubber is quite an effective method to clean the rubber and plastic molds with ease. Dry ice blasting in electrical equipment is an easy way to clean those up without disassembling and reassembling those machines and without the threat of fire or electrical hazards. Dry ice blasting in the oil and gas industry is known to be the best and convenient cleaning solution, too, as it saves the unwanted damage to refractory, doesn't waste stream along with no acidic damage. The power generation is blasting in terms of dry ice blasting help in cleaning even in the equipment's tight angles. Dry ice blasting offers an in-place cleaning solution of the equipment with bare minimum time consumption.