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Polar blast is a trusted family-run business with the mission to provide superior blast cleaning solutions for industrial and domestic environments in the UK. Our innovative dry ice blasting technology eliminates downtime, labour costs and environmental hazards; yielding exceptional results at budget friendly prices. As part of our commitment—we employ an expert team dedicated to providing unparalleled services using non-toxic products while maintaining high safety standards that protect not only your immediate space but also our planet as well! Dry blasting cleaning doesn't have to be stressful— you're covered with us around the clock for any worries!

Our dry ice blasting services guarantee significant environmental advantages over traditional cleaning methods. We never use chemicals, meaning our process is efficient and safe for the environment as well as your home or  business. Our professional approach ensures you get solutions tailored to improve internal maintenance processes with maximum efficiency - so no more wasted time or resources! Make sure to experience the best in blast cleaning by utilising our quality-oriented services today.

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Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Specialists

Polar Blast is the premier provider of Industrial Dry Ice Cleaning Services in the UK. Our experienced and certified contractors specialise in a wide range of cleaning for residential, industrial and manufacturing units across the UK. We are devoted to providing effective solutions that meet your needs - from removing paint layers up to sterilizing surfaces. No matter what kind of project you have at hand, our knowledgeable team will assist you every step of way with superior service backed by full insurance coverage.

Discover why Polar Blast has been trusted as one stop hub for all dry ice blasting services across UK today!

How Does Ice Blast Cleaning Work?

Our dry ice blasting solution is a highly effective cleaning process that uses CO2 pellets accelerated through pressurized air to rapidly remove even the toughest of contaminants from any surface. Upon impact, each pellet quickly sublimates into harmless gas and expands as it lifts away unwanted residues with minimal abrasion for an immaculate finish. A micro-thermal shock created between the substrate and contaminate ensures complete removal - leaving nothing behind but pure cleanliness! Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, non-conductive, non-flammable and a non-toxic process.

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